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Wrongful Termination Litigation

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Being fired from any job can be absolutely devasting, especially when you feel that you have been wrongfully fired from that job.

According to wrongful termination laws, you might be able to receive compensation in the form of back pay, attorney fees, and punitive damages if your termination violated any of your legal rights as an employee.  An employer cannot legally fire you for a reason that breaches any employment contract or violates the law.  These include firing in retaliation to sexual harassment, violation of anti-discrimination laws or labor laws, or firing in retaliation to an employee’s complaint against the employer.

Many, if not most employees in the U.S. work “At-Will”.  This means that an employer can fire you or any employee for any legal reason, or for no reason at all.  However, this means that you cannot be fired for an unlawful reason.  This information is typically stated in your employee handbook.

If you are involved in a suspected wrongful termination, you should contact The Liblang Law Firm to discuss your case immediately: (248) 540-9270 or info@lemonlawlawyers.com.

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Wrongful Termination

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How to protect yourself from the start

The proof is the most critical employment for any lawsuit.  First, it is important to document everything.  This included any examples of discrimination, harassment, or retaliation.  The more proof provided, the better your chances of an outcome that is in your favor.  Keep a list of names, dates, and details.  Make copies of any written correspondence that are evidence of behavior that breaks the law.

Regularly ask to see your personnel file.  Your employer is required by law to give you access to this file.  Make copies of all the documentation and keep a running list of those documents.

Differential Treatment

If you were fired due to performance problems, our attorneys would be interested to learn if your co-workers were terminated for the same issues.  If not, our attorneys at Liblang will look for evidence that suggests your employer wrongfully terminated you based on a legally protected status, such as gender, race, ethnicity, disability, age, or sexual orientation.


If you have made a workplace complaint on illegal activity at work, our attorneys can advise you regarding a potential retaliation claim.  If the reported activity is determined to not be illegal, you are still protected if the report was made in good faith.


While we are evaluating your case, we will want to review any employer documentation that is available.  This generally includes your employee file along with documentation relating to the reasons for your termination. Performance evaluations and employment reviews are important in figuring out if you were treated differently than other employees.

For example, if you were always rated highly during your performance reviews but were fired for poor performance, your employer may have been covering for an unlawful reason of termination.

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