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If you, a friend or loved one is involved in a serious injury accident, you can count on us.

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Personal Injury Litigation

We don’t hide behind briefs and settle for you, we fight.

The Liblang Law Firm’s experienced trial attorneys have experience in personal injury litigation for a combined 45 years. Ms. Liblang has battled insurance claims adjustors since the 1980s. Both are skilled negotiators who are not afraid to push insurance companies to achieve top dollar for the client. When you contact The Liblang Law Firm, P.C., you will receive counsel from highly skilled trial counsel who are not afraid to take the fight to insurance companies and their attorneys.

If you are involved in a personal injury or accident, you should contact The Liblang Law Firm to discuss your case immediately: (248) 540-9270 or

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Did You Know?

Time Is The Most Important Part To Your Case

The victim should act to protect legal rights beginning with the day the accident occurred. You should look to the experienced professionals at The Liblang Law Firm to handle your injury accident claim.

The 14 Minute Statistic

You should know that every 14 minutes a person is injured or killed in a motor vehicle accident in the United States. Death and serious injury are more likely to occur when large trucks are involved in a collision. If you, a friend or loved one is involved in a serious injury accident, you can count on the attorneys at the Liblang Law Firm, P.C. to handle your case with the utmost professionalism, expediency and care.

Insurance Companies Do Not Typically Pay Fair Compensation

Insurance companies typically DO NOT pay you fair compensation unless you are represented by skilled trial counsel who are not afraid to navigate the rough waters of a court room. It is our experience that the accident itself is only the first trauma in a series of painful emotional experiences that will be faced by the victim and family members. As a victim, you may face funeral and medical costs, lost income, pain and suffering, mental anguish, and costly vehicle repairs. We can help you recoup these costs in an aggressively prosecuted lawsuit.

Lemon's & Auto Injury

*Often times, you may have BOTH a lemon law claim and an automobile injury claim. We can handle both with seamless clarity providing the best results for you and your family.

Common Injury Types

Leg injuries

Answers to common questions about leg breaks, ACL injury, torn meniscus and knee bursitis.

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Shoulder injuries

Personal injury lawyer advice on the types of shoulder injuries that auto accident victims frequently suffer, as well as symptoms and treatment options.

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Read how fractures, or bone breaks to the spine, arms and legs are frequently suffered by auto accident victims.

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TMJ Injury

Learn how car accident victims who experience a blow to the head may end up with “TMJ,” an injury that affects the jaw.

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Chronic pain

Our injury attorneys explain how pain can become permanent, and the connection between chronic pain and traumatic brain injury.

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