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Motorcycle Accidents

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Did you know an average of 76,000 people across the country suffered injuries and hospitalization from motorcycle crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration?
Michigan motorcycle law has many exceptions and is different than those for car and truck accidents and injuries.  Because a motorcycle is not considered a motor vehicle under Michigan law and doesn’t require No-Fault insurance, these accidents often happen because of other cars and trucks on the road.

In the event an injury is especially bad, A motorcycle driver requiring medical coverage can also receive protection from the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association.  The MCCA provides unlimited lifetime coverage for medical expenses from catastrophic injuries resulting from Auto Accidents.  These include injury to the brain or spinal cord which results in serious impairment or disability, such as paralysis, traumatic brain injury or coma.

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Motorcycle Accident

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Time Is The Most Important Part To Your Case

The victim should act to protect legal rights beginning with the day the accident occurred. You should look to the experienced professionals at The Liblang Law Firm to handle your injury accident claim.

Helmet Laws

One of the most frequent questions we are asked is regarding helmet laws.  As of April 13th, 2012, motorcyclists 21 and over who have certain certifications can legally ride in Michigan without a motorcycle helmet.  However, they must purchase $20,000 in first-party medical benefits coverage in the case of a motorcycle accident.
Motorcycle helmets are estimated to be 37-41 percent effective in preventing fatal injuries to riders and passengers.  They are also credited with saving nearly 1859 lives in 2016.

No Helmet

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash and were not wearing a helmet, you can still start a lawsuit for your personal injuries.  However, this will make a difference in how much money you are able to receive if it is shown that a helmet could have prevented those injuries.
Motorcycle injuries such as traumatic brain injury and spinal injuries are the most common types of injuries a defense lawyer or auto insurance company will argue that the motorcyclist is at fault for not wearing a helmet.  Many juries have been less than forgiving in this regard and will reward compensation for other bodily injury but abstain from giving compensation for a head injury.  When all is said and done, just wear a helmet and save that precious head of yours.

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