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Lemon Law Fraud Litigation

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Automobile fraud laws, coupled with lemon laws, have been structured to help protect consumers like you from misrepresentation when you are in the market for a vehicle.  The most common misrepresentations include failing to disclose vehicle information, ownership history, mileage, accident history, and physical condition.  Many financing issues can also contribute to automobile fraud, like letting the customer take possession of the vehicle before getting a loan or some form of financing and then refusing to return their trade-in vehicle or down payment when financing falls through.

The lemon law requirements vary by state, but the common rule is that a vehicle is considered to be a lemon if it has to be repaired multiple times for the same problem within a certain time period.  Sometimes, this means that up three repairs or more are necessary to call forth lemon law protection.

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Lemon Law Fraud

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Filing a claim

In order to file a claim for lemon law protection, you must have all of the documentation related to the vehicles purchase and the repairs that it has needed.  If any documentation has been lost, it may be possible to obtain a subpoena the repair shop for their records. Some states have a requirement that the claimant must notify the manufacturer of the problem in writing, along with the repairs performed on the vehicle.  More often than not, a formal lawsuit must be filed to invoke lemon law protection.  Many times, the manufacturer has a responsibility to pay your attorney fees, so there may not even be an out-of-pocket charge to you.

Lemon law remedies

If the lemon law claim is proven to be valid, the remedies available to you will depend on your state.  One of the most common remedies refunds the entire purchase price, replacement of the vehicle, or a cash consideration for the difference in value between a good vehicle and the lemon.  The lawyers at Liblang will always work their hardest to ensure that you receive fair compensation for your lemon.

Common forms of auto fraud

  • Undervalued Trade-In
  • Failure to Disclose Demonstrator or Executive Vehicle
  • Salvaged Vehicles
  • Improper Increase of Invoice Price
  • Odometer Rollback Fraud
  • Bait and Switch
  • Add-On Concealment
  • Conditional Delivery Scam
  • Vehicles Returned to Dealers
  • Backdating/Rewriting Contract
  • Failing to Disclose Flood Damage

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