Attorney Dani Liblang of The Liblang Law Firm, PC, has been named a Notable Woman Lawyer by Crain’s Detroit Business. With over 35 years of lemon law experience, Liblang is an advocate for consumer rights against auto manufacturers and dealerships. As outlined in this article


On December 11, 2017, Crain’s Detroit Business published its annual list of Notable Women Lawyers in Michigan. According to Crain’s:

“The most Notable Women Lawyers in Michigan set a legal precedent, navigate the complexities of mergers and acquisitions and manage high-profile cases. They win awards and earn promotions. They also volunteer, teach and mentor.”


The list includes law school professors, partners at some of the area’s largest law firms, in-house corporate counsel, assistant attorneys general, and a past-president of the Michigan Bar Association. It also features “lemon law guru” Dani K. Liblang.

Dani K. Liblang, “Lemon Law Guru”

Dani K. Liblang has been practicing law in Michigan since 1982. She has practiced lemon law – an area of the law that protects consumers against product defects and manipulative sales techniques by auto manufacturers and dealerships – from the very start. Her passion for the practice started even before law school.

While she was an undergraduate student at Oakland University, Dani bought a Pontiac Astre from a local dealership. The car turned out to be a lemon – sending her back for repairs again and again. She quickly developed an appreciation for the financial burden, inconvenience, and stress caused by cars that don’t live up to their manufacturers’ promises. That, together with her own interest in automotive mechanics, put Liblang on a direct course to a career in lemon law.

Over 35 Years of Consumer Protection

A University of Detroit School of Law alumnus, Dani Liblang has spent more than three decades fighting to protect consumers against auto industry short-cuts and shortfalls. She founded her own law firm in 1987, focusing her work on lemon law, consumer protection, and personal injuries. Most of her cases still center on problems with cars. Crain’s quoted retired Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Kathleen MacDonald in saying:

“Ms. Liblang is a tireless advocate for the consumer rights of clients.”

Over the last several decades, Dani and her team have set precedent in the areas of lemon law and consumer protection, winning appeals cases at both the state and federal level. As the technology around cars continues to evolve, so does her practice.

She is a frequent presenter at the National Consumer Law Center and the National Association of Consumer Advocates and has been awarded the Consumer Hero Award. In January 2017, Liblang was asked to present on trends in consumer auto transactions by the Institute of Continuing Legal Education.

Associate Attorney Alan L. Latham of The Liblang Law Firm, PC, told Crain’s:

“Dani makes sure dealers, manufacturers, insurance and finance companies are held accountable when vehicles are sold to consumers and put in the stream of commerce that should have never left the factory, let alone the dealer’s parking lot.”

Together Latham and Liblang work to protect consumers’ rights and hold auto manufacturers accountable when their mistakes hurt their customers.

Dani Liblang

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