Last month, Ford Motor Company issued a recall for 433,000 vehicles. Hoping to avoid the same problems that plagued General Motors and Takata, the auto-maker issued its recall before anyone had reported accidents or injuries.

In early 2014, GM made news for failing to recall faulty ignition devices that caused its engines to shut off, even when the car was in gear and operating. After regulatory and congressional investigations, the company eventually recalled over 11 million cars, some more than once, and settled wrongful death claims with over a dozen families.
Now one year later, Ford is facing its own problems with its ignition systems. The company has recalled approximately 433,000 vehicles because a problem with the engine can allow it to keep running even when the key is placed in the “off” position and removed. In other cars, the engine will continue to run after the Start/Stop button has been pressed.
The recalled cars include some 2015 Ford Focus, C-Max and Escape vehicles built between April 2014 and June 2015. Most of the vehicles affected are in the United States, but some were sold in Canada and Mexico as well.
The defect does not have the same potentially deadly consequences of the GM ignition defect. However, it does increase the risk that your car could be stolen or could roll away.
The company has set up a website where Ford owners can check their VIN to find out if there are recall notices or “Field Service Actions” that apply to their specific vehicles. If your car is affected, Ford dealers will update the body control module software of your vehicle at no cost to you.
While you are waiting for your update, make sure to keep your car locked. You can also use your parking brake to help prevent rollaways.
If you receive a recall notice or find that your VIN is included in the Ford ignition recall, don’t delay. Even after a company issues a recall, it can be difficult to make sure all the defective vehicles are taken off the road. Often used car buyers won’t be informed of recalls on their vehicles. Other times owners who have changed addresses, or who received vehicles as gifts, may not receive their notices on time.
That is why it is important for vehicle owners to check the manufacturers’ websites from time to time. That way they can catch recalls even when their notice has fallen through the cracks.


Recall notices should never be ignored, especially when they involve important safety features. The Liblang Law Firm, P.C., regularly represents auto owners who were not properly informed of recalls to their vehicle. When these defects cause substantial damage or injuries, Dani K. Liblang and her team are there to fight the manufacturers and make sure the damages are paid. If you or someone you know has suffered damage because of an automobile defect, contact The Liblang Law Firm, P.C., today for a free consultation.
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