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The disciplines of law that a firm chooses to practice are tantamount to the continued and successful representation of the client. Such an endeavor requires singleness of purpose, total immersion and an unyielding commitment.

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Ten Reasons

  • No cost – no obligation review. We provide individual case evaluations that will assist you in understanding your rights under the law, the methods that may be employed to resolve your claim and the relative complexity of your individual situation so that you can make informed decisions.
  • Little or no out-of-pocket legal expenses on your part. In most cases, the law provides for your attorney fees in addition to your settlement if we win your case.
  • An unparalleled track record representing literally thousands of consumers. In fact, a good majority of our cases are resolved through negotiation, mediation or arbitration – and never go to trial – largely a result of the firm’s qualitative standards, formidable trial background, known perseverance and unimpeachable expertise.
  • The company we keep! Our associates are not only well prepared and seasoned career professionals – but, in many instances actually have early career experience within the industries our practice addresses.
  • Equally as valuable as the proven expertise of The Liblang Law Firm to interpret and implement the tenets of the law – is our ability to explain the legal fundamentals and terminology in understandable, common sense non-legalese language.
  • Commercial and industrial plaintiff representation addressing pragmatic legal relief and remedies within the transportation, heavy manufacturing, and industrial sectors.
  • The Liblang Law Firm enjoys a longstanding and well-deserved reputation for delivering fair, reasonable and equitable settlements. If there is one singular aspect of your case that is equally as important as winning – it is collecting what you are rightfully and deservingly entitled to.
  • In addition to the many thousands of clients that have depended upon our firm for a hassle-free resolution, an overwhelming number of judges, court officers, employees, and knowledgeable professionals continue to depend upon The Liblang Law Firm for their personal representation.
  • The firm enjoys a prestigious reputation of both competency and expertise in winning cases at trial. Experienced, knowledgeable and established in every area of law we practice.
  • We are proud to be Michigan’s most respected and most experienced lemon law firm.
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